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Yes, for more information see my NEW TO YOGA? page

Can beginners attend your classes?

What should I bring?

Just yourself and an open mind!

What should I wear?

Comfortable loose clothing. Bring socks and a warm fleece or jacket for the
relaxation time.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, if you do not have your own mat you are welcome you use one of my loan mats for as long as you wish. I supply all other props including eye cushions, knee pads plus a few blankets and bolsters
If at a later date you wish to purchase your own mat, for convenience I always have a few in stock. Alternatively, I can offer advice on the type of mat to source.

Can I just turn up on the day?

No,  I need to know beforehand. A health questionnaire needs to be completed and it is good to have an initial short introductory chat.

No, see the reciprocal arrangements in my Yoga Classes page for a full explanation.

Can I pay as I go? 

Can I attend if I am pregnant? 

Not if you have not practised regularly before pregnancy. There are classes designed specifically for you, & I can recommend teachers. If an existing student becomes pregnant their practice can be Modified to continue within the group class.

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