Mary Meikle Yoga

fully qualified hatha yoga teacher





My association (TYA) has started work on the design of classes specifically for this demographic and, once completed, it will be properly trialled before release.  

There are 3 classes per month with booking on a 3 class (1 calendar month) basis.  

See timetable for specific dates. 

 it is essential to make contact beforehand. I will then send out a health questionnaire. For some specific ailments a doctor’s letter may be required before attending. 

The content and style of this class is designed to keep this ever increasing age group in optimum good health. 

Balance and flexibility are of prime importance at this time of life to enable us to avoid the pitfalls that falling over bring: such as loss of mobility, loss of confidence and associated general health deterioration. 

We will be working to retain or rediscover our flexibility. It is unfortunately a natural feature of aging to lose muscle strength, but we do not have to lose flexibility as well - as long as we keep moving. 

We will be working on maintaining balance, as well as using a range of gentle or modified postures to keep the body supple. Joints will be gently encouraged to explore their full range of movement so keeping them healthy whilst drawing in fresh blood and nutrients. 

My classes safely encompass the various health issues that start to become prevalent at this time of life. Adjustments to class content ensures that everyone participating will be able to comfortably work within their own individual needs and capabilities. So helping to keep their bodies fit for purpose.

As with my other classes we initially spend a few moments at the beginning to “mentally arrive”. 

At the end of each session there is always a 10-15minute final relaxation/ guided meditation. 

  • 30 years ago “old age” was considered to begin at the age of 65.  
  • The NHS now defines 55- 74 year olds as “young old.” 
  • There are now 11.4 million people aged 65-80 in the UK (AGE UK 2015). 
  • 10% of all call outs for UK ambulances are for people over 65 who have fallen. 
  • Cost to the NHS for hospital care on fractures due to falls- £2 Billion per annum.