Mary Meikle Yoga

fully qualified hatha yoga teacher




I am extremely grateful to those past and present yoginis who have contributed to this website page. Namaste

Though we are in a group situation I always feel I am treated as a valued individual. You have always been sympathetic and understanding towards my medical problems and have advised me on which yoga positions to avoid/ try at home. Yoga practice is stretching, achievable but never competitive.
— Hilary Mullis
Mary offers carefully planned and well-structured classes which are professionally run.  She is an empathetic teacher with a balanced approach.  I always feel both relaxed and restored after Mary’s yoga class which includes a most enjoyable meditation session at the end. 
— Karen Sherriff 
I have been taking part in yoga classes with Mary Meikle for about 2 years now. I originally started going to yoga to help with back ache, and I can honestly say that I have not suffered any back pain since. I have gained much more flexibility throughout my whole body and can see a notable difference in my posture and balance. Furthermore, I now have the tools to manage stressful situations and can employ various breathing techniques that Mary has taught us.
The yoga classes are always very professionally executed and Mary will start by explaining what we are going to work on during a class, and why it is important. The classes cover a variety of areas with no two sessions being the same. Whilst Mary always has a planned routine for each class, she is very sensitive towards the needs of individuals, often adapting her routines either just for one person, or for the whole group if she feels the whole class will benefit.

I always find yoga classes with Mary enjoyable, interesting and most importantly relaxing. 
— Judith Gentle
Mary Meikle yoga classes help me learn breathing and relaxation techniques which aided me to get through a turbulent time in my life and the yoga positions were adapted to my needs. I couldn’t have asked for a more empathic teacher. Her in-depth knowledge and guidance is so valuable to me each week.
— Gaby Steel
Mary has for 7 years now had an inspirational, guiding and calming influence on my life.  In her I found a weekly ‘soft place to fall’, a Yoga Teacher with a detailed knowledge of the human body, of Yoga and of Meditation/Relaxation techniques.

Mary sees her Class Members as individuals and helps us all.  I am so lucky to have found her. 
— Pearl Bennett 
I have been attending Mary’s yoga classes in Penn Street for three years and always find them an enjoyable and relaxing experience. It is a small, friendly group in a cosy, welcoming village hall. Mary gives very clear instructions on how to do the postures, as well as explaining the physical and health benefits of these.

Recently, I had been suffering from muscular pain in my lower back for several months, and was slightly nervous when Mary asked us to do a posture called “Eye of the Needle”, which is a supine half lotus hip opener and stretches the deep lower muscles of the lower back. Imagine my surprise when I realised later that evening and in the following days, that the pain had completely gone! Now, whenever I get any twinges, I simply practise that posture at home and it always works! It seems so simple, yet is so effective - amazing!
— Alison
I have been attending Mary’s classes for nearly 5 years and I enjoy them now just as much as the day I started. Mary’s knowledge and passion for yoga shine through making her classes not only effective, but informative and they always include a giggle or two!
— Kirsten, Little Missenden
Mary’s yoga class is a perfect way to recharge the body and mind whilst juggling a busy lifestyle. Amanda Kelly
— Amanda Kelly